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Supercharge Workforce Productivity

Redefining workplace experiences - We don't ask, we Sense.

Employee emotions aren't noise - they're data !

Sensing Emotions

Worklics Human Perception AI analyzes complex human states & turns them into valuable insights.

Teams Compatibility

Worklics makes exceptional work visible to everyone in your organisation, boosting sense of positivity.


Deliver recommendations to every people leader in the organisation by deploying listening posts.


AI driven analytics and I/O Psychology based decision tools equip managers and business leaders.

Create virtual HXM powered by Worklics Cloud & Computer Vision

Manage your human capital across multiple locations. Deliver experiences that help employees their own goals - & yours.

Open Office

ios & android app to help you check in & check out everyday.

Hyperlocal Workflows

Apply, approve or take leaves, maintain records and notifiy other on your absance.


Expected time of arrival for every employee

Compatibility Insights

Advanced analytics for team formations


Mobile Clock-in & Out via Open Office

Frictionless digital experience at scale

How Worklics empowers your human capital

From guided manager action planning to realtime automated workflows using 3rd party app integrations. No experience goes neglected.

Automate actions for frontline managers in realtime with feedback-to-action loops for every employee whether in the office, on-job sites or remote - here every voice in your organisation with a listening engine analytics.

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Unleash the flow of information

Worklics sits on the cross section of human perception, advanced machine learning, people analytics & AGI

Smart Employee Emotions AI

Aggregated moods of the teams