How to Delete Client location?

In case you want to delete office location go to Dashboard > Click Total offices > Delete Client location.

What is the difference between Company Location and Client location?

Company Location is your permanent Office whereas the Client Location is an additional location which can be used by certain teams/employees to mark their attendance from

How to Add Employees?

Click on + next to Employees. bulk upload, download the CSV template file and then add your employees' details this file using the format in the template. Then upload this file and click on Done.

How to Add Single employee?

For adding a single employee or manually adding employees, click on the Add Employee tab and enter all their required information. On the same screen, click "+Add" to add one more employee. Repeat this process to add multiple employees and then click Done.

How do I invite an user?

An Admin can invite a user by Clicking the + next to Employees > Add Employee > Enter user details

How to Create Teams?

Click on + next to Teams and then click on the "+" sign besides the search field on the top right corner. In order to create a new team, you must first ensure that you have added these employees to the system. Then you can enter a team name, choose the Team Lead and then add employees to their team. In order to edit a team, you can just drag and drop team members to other teams.

How do I edit team?

Admins can Click the + next to Teams > Click + > To edit an existing team you can drag and drop team members from one team to another.

How we can see leave history of employees?

Click on leaves from sidebar, leave page will be opened, there is a history button on the right corner of pending leaves click History, page will be opened which shows leave history.

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